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The prayers of the church

Recently I had the pleasure of worshipping in two small churches whose members took seriously the matter of praying for/about each other. These congregations were comprised mostly of older adults, good folks who genuinely loved each other in word and in deed. What I observed in both cases, though, gave me some pause. At the invitation of the pastor congregants offered prayer requests thatMORE...

This writer’s mind

You may have noticed that these blogs have stopped coming your way regularly. If so, you deserve an explanation for the long silence. For the past two years, these blog entries have helped me hold onto a sense of purpose. Writing has always come easily for me—even though it has always been hard work. The presumptions by which I’ve operated are these: Someone somewhere—preferably older folks likeMORE...

Just in case….

In these times, anxiety dogs me at almost every turn. When I feel that way it helps to be prepared for some of the possibilities that tempt me to overthink danger. Being ready for sudden difficulty with “just in case” knowledge and skills. I know I’m not alone—after its initial publication in 1999, The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook has grown into a series of over a dozen titles. PerhapsMORE...

Living with leaks

Now that I am “a person of a certain age”—a gentle euphemism for “older person”—I am aware how much leaking is going on these days. I’m talking personally here, not about political machinations but about the many ways in which my older adult body and spirit don’t hold together as tightly as they used to. My drooping facial musculature allows more drooling, allergies tell my sinuses to flowMORE...

What did Jesus do on Wednesday?

The Bible’s Holy Week calendar is pretty clear about what happened each day: Monday was Curse the Fig Tree Day; Tuesday was No More Fig Tree Day; Thursday was Passover Day and Friday was a jumble of events leading to Jesus death. I’ve always wondered what happened on that Wednesday. So, to fill this empty place on the church year calendar, I offer here an imaginative reconstruction of what JesusMORE...

Next Avenue!

Months ago, I extolled the value and virtues of a web site,, that speaks to the realities faced by older adults. Here I want to repeat those positive feelings, and to invite you once again to consider how this unique web site might add to your well-being. To repeat some background, Next Avenue is associated with Twin Cities Public Broadcasting in Minnesota. The organizationMORE...

Accepting the terms of agreement

If you’re like me, you may click YES when the app download box asks if you’ve read– AND ACCEPT—the entire Terms of Agreement. If you’re like the vast majority of us, you agree to the stipulations without reading them all! That’s how we may give over to others the right to determine how we will use a product or service. Alan Castel, author of *Better with Age: The Psychology of SuccessfulMORE...

Band-Aid people!

When I was growing up, I loved Band-Aids®. Although there were very few variations back then, the presence of a Band-Aid® on a scuffed knee or elbow was comforting—“This, too, will heal.” Then I became a metaphor-loving adult, and learned about the idea that “Band-Aid® solutions don’t really solve the underlying problems.” Now, it seemed, the ubiquitous flexible bandage was not as helpful—atMORE...

Announcement: Offices closed

Full of Years, LLC, LSMFT, LOL announces that its worldwide network of offices will close on Monday, April 1, 2019, in observance of *Old Fools Day. Except at our Mid-North Asia regional headquarters in Ulbszky, Bezerkestan, all corporate functions will resume on Tuesday, April 2nd. Full of Years staff wish you a joyful day of celebration, knowing that you, too, can lighten the load on people’sMORE...

Lingering memories

The longer I live, the more memories I have stored up. This truism about older adulthood comes with a slight twist: It might become harder for me to dwell on any single memory. Each recollection —rich in its depth and satisfaction—can compete with the others for my attention, time and energy. There are good reasons to hold on to a specific memory for more than a few seconds. Any of myMORE...


Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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