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Too many older adults feel as though they have lost power as they age. The exact opposite may be true, and this category assembles the blogs that explain and celebrate this certainty: Our personal power may remain strong and useful in our later years.


*”Vengeance is mine”

I want to be one of the avengers. That feeling is especially strong today, as our nation waits to see what further acts of insurrection will occur at the hand of political insurgents—and their behind-the-scenes enablers. These folks deserve retribution—punishment that matches their injustices. I’ll admit it: I’d like to be part of that payback. Some deeper truths bring me up short, though…MORE...

Holy family work (Part 2)

There are some parallels between the post-Christmas work of Jesus’ parents and the work that lies before us in these times. Salvation has come upon us—perhaps seen in the results of this past election—yearnings for righteousness to return. We’ve prayed for rescue from evil and oppression, and now that seems possible. The message of Christmas has assured and calmed us once again. Like Mary andMORE...

Hopeful *vestiges

One of the truisms of my life is that I can learn from the past. When it’s my own history, I rely on my memories to influence my decisions about present and future moments. That may not always be enough guidance, though. As a post-pandemic world emerges—and I want to cast out in new directions, adjusting to present circumstances in a new way—I will need sources other than my own perhaps-limitedMORE...

Help is close at hand

Help is close at hand It may seem impossible to pry loved ones from continuing anger—especially if they’re deeply habituated or addicted to the presence of feel-good neurotransmitters that flood their brains when they’re furious. Thankfully, help is close at hand. Although there’s no magic treatment for perpetual outrage, there may be remedies that we can use with individuals whom we want to freeMORE...

Help is on the way

Life-as-we-have-known-it is slowly coming back, with perhaps one lingering exception: Anger is still roaming our nation, clawing for a place in the national discourse and identity. From everything I know about this powerful emotion, it’s not a helpful part of our lives. Especially dangerous when it becomes addictive, anger ruins relationships as well as the individual and collective brains thatMORE...

Memo for these times

FROM: An older, unarmed man TO:       Angry guys with guns   Hello! Let me introduce myself: I’m an older guy, living in the upper Midwest. Retired and trying to make sense out of life. Maybe just like you, except that I don’t have any guns. Can we talk, man-to-man? I have tried to understand why you rely on your weapons so much and why you’re loud-angry. Most of what I hear from you justMORE...

The purpose of purpose

I have an abiding sense that my entire life is a gift. Undeserving of any blessings, I’ve always asked, “Why me?” I’ve never been satisfied with just enjoying the life given to me. “Your life is not your own” has remained a useful mantra. This train of thought has followed me from my high school years. Although none of my teachers would have considered themselves prophetic, they filled that roleMORE...

Every day the same

When he was sequestered in his cave, the prophet Elijah may have faced some of the same mental vagaries that I am dealing with. I regularly breathe the same question that must have come to Elijah’s mind as he waited: “What do you want me to do, God?” It’s been over eight months now that I’ve stayed at home most of the time. With my pace of life slowed and narrowed to a seeming sameness, IMORE...

Late-blooming flowers

The cosmos have finally appeared. Along with small purple asters, these late-bloomers have waited all Spring and all Summer before showing their true-and-beautiful colors. In one case—the cosmos—lush greenery had announced only the general health of this flower. In the other case—the asters—these tall plants stood anonymously in the middle of what we thought were prairie weeds, without a hint ofMORE...

Fearing fear

If FDR was right about “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” it seems that we might have every reason to be fearful right now. This possibility became evident to me a few days ago after a seniors exercise session. One of the participants wanted to tell a few of us how the rioting and looting of recent months had convinced her that total chaos would come after the November election. IMORE...


Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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