In this category are Full of Years blogs that examine how time fills the lives of older persons. Time as a gift and time as a responsibility. Implicit in all entries: This is a good time to be living fully.


Things we don’t talk about

This entry is part of a blog series, Time Capsules, in which I think about the places in our home where the blessings of our history are evident in stored artifacts. Today, I invite you to look with me at stories that might live inside the bins that hold years’ worth of tax returns. From your refined upbringing, you’ll recall that there are two things one never talks about in polite company:MORE...

Historical walls and shelves

This entry is part of a blog series, Time Capsules, in which I think about the places in our home where the blessings of our history are evident in stored artifacts. Today, I invite you to look with me at stories that adorn the walls and shelves in our home—Items perhaps similar to those looking out at you right now! Although not literal capsules or containers, the walls and shelves throughoutMORE...

The bin of music

This entry is part of a series, Time Capsules, in which I think about one or more of the places in our home where my history—and my future?—are evident in stored artifacts. Today, I share my thoughts about one of the ways in which I was once quite skilled. Deeply buried in one of our basement closets is a large plastic bin that holds organ, piano, vocal and recorder pieces from the many years inMORE...

Time capsules

I think that our home is actually a collection of time capsules—bins and boxes that hold our shared history. While rummaging around in our basement recently, it occurred to me that these containers of artifacts might be useful. Perhaps I could spend time among our life history-holders—reminding myself about the long arc of our lives, and of the durable identities that still characterize us. As IMORE...

My bully scar

A few days ago, as I was shaving my face, I noticed again the one-inch blemish where I used to have a hairline. It’s my bully scar. Here’s the story. One day in first grade, our class went outside for playground recess. (The playground was the standard-issue, clunky all-metal assortment of equipment now considered dangerous.) The girls preferred the whirling merry-go-round, so they’d congregatedMORE...

Remembering Dick Evenson

For years now, the example of Dick Evenson has followed me—a strange phenomenon because it’s been thirty years since we worked together in the Division for Parish Services of the former Lutheran Church in America. The personal quality that always impressed me during that time was Dick’s unflagging positive outlook. No matter what, no matter whom. At first this attitude seemed saccharine or naïveMORE...

After Memorial Day

This past Memorial Day an old memory of my father came back into focus. It had to do with his World War II military service. I think this collection of thoughts came about as I imagined the feelings of families whose loved ones have died while in uniform. Thinking about their losses recalled my father’s circumstances as a draftee right at the end of that war. Ed Sitze was already married and theMORE...

Guest writer observations

  (I had some more thoughts about the new words coming from *new writers. So I called myself a Guest Writer today because that makes me feel like one of them. And yes, I’m still impressed by their gifts!) I offer these further comments on the recent FullofYears blog, “Words abound.” I think I left out some other important observations about the blossoming of helpful thoughts that’s happeningMORE...

Words abound

For a few months now—especially since we all agreed to remain sequestered in our homes—something is happening to words. I’m not sure, but there seem to be more good words out there. In here, too. A good thing—renewed evidence that there’s still power in words. I’m noticing that there are a lot more people taking the time—and expending considerable effort—to cobble together, sculpt, throw on theMORE...

In my face

  It’s hard to ignore what’s right in front of me in these times. Good news: Self-sacrificing essential workers, wise governors, scientists and inventors. Not-so-good news: A world-wide plague, stubborn injustice, invisible danger and dangerous people, economic troubles. News, opinions, testimonies, stories, hard questions—all of them front-and-center at almost every waking moment. What’sMORE...


Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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