The truth remains: Words enable or form thoughts. No words, no thoughts! This category contains Full of Years blogs that play with words. Those associated with old age, and those that add zest to living fully.


*”Vengeance is mine”

I want to be one of the avengers. That feeling is especially strong today, as our nation waits to see what further acts of insurrection will occur at the hand of political insurgents—and their behind-the-scenes enablers. These folks deserve retribution—punishment that matches their injustices. I’ll admit it: I’d like to be part of that payback. Some deeper truths bring me up short, though…MORE...

Fa-la-la-la-lah, etc.

The New Year is upon us, ye lads and lasses—a good time to be jolly! Fast away the old year has passed, so it’s time to hail the new year—regardless of wind or weather!  Let’s get right to it…. It was an “old year”, wasn’t it? In too many ways, the events of the year—and the folks that concocted them—made us old, or at least older than we wanted. Whatever’s not good about being old—there it wasMORE...

Hopeful *vestiges

One of the truisms of my life is that I can learn from the past. When it’s my own history, I rely on my memories to influence my decisions about present and future moments. That may not always be enough guidance, though. As a post-pandemic world emerges—and I want to cast out in new directions, adjusting to present circumstances in a new way—I will need sources other than my own perhaps-limitedMORE...

Living with the lie(s)

Over the centuries, Advent has been a time of expectant repentance—part of our preparation for Christ to come into our lives. Today’s blog continues that theme, this time focused on the eventual outcomes of a life of continuing lying. I don’t always tell the truth. No matter what other names I attach to this behavior, it’s still always lying. In some parts of my life I’ve assembled fortresses ofMORE...

Repenting irresponsibility

Over the centuries, Advent has been a time of expectant repentance—part of our preparation for Christ to come into our lives. Today’s blog continues that theme, this time focused on my sometimes unwillingness to take responsibility. One part of being sinful is not doing what needs to get done. “Sins of omission” is the doctrinal term. In the Confession of Sins at the start of worship, this matterMORE...

Thanksgiving expanded

In a few days, we will join together across the country to give thanks. We will remind ourselves and each other about all our reasons for gratitude. We will remember that all of life is a gift, undeserved and free. We will thank God, and be glad that we did. Sometimes it feels like that experience of gratitude doesn’t have a physical or emotional place to call home, a way to stick to my soulMORE...

He whose name must (not) be spoken

Throughout history, there have been names whose very utterance was ill-advised or even dangerous. Either the names were holy and ineffable—beyond our right or ability to speak them—or so despicable that the mere sound of the name might recall unmentionable evil. (In the first case, think YAWEH or Mohammed. In the second case, remember names like the fictional Lord Voldemort, Adolf Hitler or DearMORE...

Clean air!

Over the past four years I have grown weary, seeing how our nation has been breathing a kind of spiritual/emotional air pollution. We’ve been inhaling a smog of toxic attitudes that may have slowly destroyed our spirits. With the results of this election now becoming apparent, it feels like the Spirit’s wind has blown away the pollutants so that we can breathe clean air again. The metaphor makesMORE...

The purpose of purpose

I have an abiding sense that my entire life is a gift. Undeserving of any blessings, I’ve always asked, “Why me?” I’ve never been satisfied with just enjoying the life given to me. “Your life is not your own” has remained a useful mantra. This train of thought has followed me from my high school years. Although none of my teachers would have considered themselves prophetic, they filled that roleMORE...


In case you want to get a head start on Advent, these few thoughts about the Song of Mary (Luke 1:46-56).  In our turbulent times, the words of this prayer remain true in our turbulent times. At any time of the year…. I have reprinted here the Magnificat’s words for your reading—and rejoicing—pleasure: Mary said: With all my heart I praise the Lord, and I am glad because of God my Savior. GodMORE...


Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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