August 2023


Can we talk?

Dementia may be an unspoken matter that nags at our older adult well-being. It may also be one of those conditions I don’t talk about with others, perhaps unsure how to broach the subject. I know that this condition is broader than one specific disease—e.g., Alzheimer’s—and that only a percentage of older adults might have to deal with complete cognitive loss. I am also aware that medicallyMORE...

For regular readers

About six years ago, I started writing (and filming) this blog. I set out with minimal plans, hoping that I could add to the fullness of years that we elders are given by God. Today seems to be a good time to pause, offering some background commentary to those of you who regularly visit my scrivenings. I hope that you’ve found some depth in the short, semi-weekly entries I plop onto your screenMORE...

Holy imagination

I’m big on imagination, mostly for neurobiological reasons. This past Sunday another idea popped up, part of the sermon preached by our new associate pastor. (Say hello to The Rev. Julie Peterson!) She noted that God’s grand vision—holy imagination?—could counter our worrying tendencies. In her sermon, Pastor Julie admitted that, like most of us, she is a worrier. A necessary-and-problematic partMORE...

Autumn’s approach

  The favorite season of my retired years is still Autumn. Why’s that? Maybe because these final days of summer feel like this hemisphere’s climatological invitation to remember. (Although I’m not exactly sure how “remembering” feels alongside “autumn”, let me try to explain….) As Fall approaches, I recall how, during my working years, these would be the days when I strapped back on myMORE...

The wobbling muon

In case you missed the latest news in particle physics, the Argonne National Laboratories in Batavia, Illinois, announced last week that they had once again verified, this time more accurately, the errant behavior of a muon, a sub-atomic particle valuable in understanding the Standard Model of Physics. For the scintilla of a second it flashed into sight, the thing wobbled!  According to theMORE...

In praise of leftovers

When Chris and I were youngsters, our moms didn’t waste even one scrap of food. Her mom could fashion a meal out of any ingredients. My mother would often eat the leftovers in our fridge for her lunch. Now I understand—our mothers weren’t sacrificing their food choices at all. They knew then what we know now: Leftovers can be a praiseworthy part of any menu. In our home, leftover foodstuffsMORE...

Plow horse of a certain age

Lately, my dreams are forming a pattern: I’m back at work again, but have no function. I wander around the building, looking for my office—in one dream variation, it’s now a storeroom. In other versions, I don’t know anyone, and they don’t know me. Most disturbing: Although I’m still employed, I don’t have any work to do! In my post-retirement way of thinking, this qualifies as a nightmare. IMORE...

Yokes that fit

Recently our congregation said goodbye to our interim pastor, Rev. Wende West. In one of her last sermons, she approached the Gospel (Matthew 11:16-19; 28-30) in her usual fashion, digging under the obvious to find useful Good News. Here Jesus encourages us to “take my yoke upon you, and learn from me.” He also says that his yoke is easy. Hearing that idea again, I wondered, “What’s this ‘easy’MORE...

What’s there to love?

Happily so, several older adults in our church have found new love—friendships, marriages—to replace the possible isolation of divorce, a spouse’s death or illness. At a stage in life when it might seem unlikely, love re-emerges as a wonderful part of their lives. I’m glad for them, and also wonder, “What’s there to love?” That question is not necessarily out-of-hand. In today’s hyper-sexualizedMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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