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Here’s where the roving eye of Bob Sitze lands on interesting or important events, trends, discoveries, opinions or research that are part of contemporary life. Sometimes missed in spiritually oriented utterances, the stuff of life consists of all the places where God’s hand stirs, supports or motivates. These blogs may also include links for further information or action.


Climate conversation 1: Announcement

Today’s entry begins a periodic series of observations about the certain fact that the changes in the world’s climate will affect all of us, old and young alike. Because this blog tilts in the direction of spiritually centered older adults, the series will lean into the basic question: As God’s people, what can we think or do about these matters? Today an introduction…. It seems fitting to beginMORE...

The end is near II

The entries for yesterday and today look at the idea of “endings”, and how we might react to that idea as it plays out in our lives. Today: How endings effect my spirit. As I move through my seventh decade of life I’m more and more intrigued how ending-ideas worm their way into my thoughts. The current seasons of the calendar and liturgical years nudge me to make sense of these matters. Not justMORE...

The end is near I

The entries for today and tomorrow look at the concept of “endings”, and how we might react to that idea as it plays out in our lives. Today: Some concept exploration…. The title above, evocative of scores of cartoons, is also familiar emotional territory for older adults. Endings of any kind may seem to gather like lifespan sentries, silently watching as we move toward conclusive events andMORE...

An older man gives thanks

Although our culture is already rushing towards Christmas, I’m sticking with the delightful prospect of celebrating Thanksgiving first—reflecting on the thoughts and actions of being thankful at this stage in life. Consider what follows here as the thankful thoughts of an older man. Perhaps someone not unlike you…? To set these ideas in context, you should know that I’m very happy to be an oldMORE...

The colorful people we are

Colorful people like you and me can serve a purpose. That’s one of the thoughts that UCLA psychology professor Alan Castel shares in his new book, Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging. Castel notes that his interest in gerontology started when he was a child, spending considerable time with older relatives—many of them genuinely unique characters who displayed traits thatMORE...

Second-shift worker ministry?

A recent edition of Christianity Today features a cover article worth reading—and perhaps considering as part of your personal ministry. The author is Jeff Haanen, CEO of the Denver Institute for Faith & Work. His premise is forceful: Honoring work as a place of ministry can get narrowed down to only one kind of worker, leaving out people whose occupations are difficult at best andMORE...

On this day

History is being written every day, but this date —November 6, 2018—seems especially momentous. From the perspective of my lifespan perch, this thought may be especially true because I am a follower of Christ. Today might be the day when the dismantling of civility reverses itself. This could be the moment in history when hate and anger are repudiated in no uncertain terms. A cultural shift backMORE...

Campaigning with Spirit: Coming to the end

This entry is part of a series of blogs that connect political volunteering with spiritual themes. These observations come from my current volunteering for a congressional candidate. Today: Final thoughts. We’re coming down to days now—just a few of them left before Election Day. At this point in this months-long saga, these final thoughts come to mind. About the process and the results. FirstMORE...

Distilled undeservedness

I can still see, and it feels like a miracle! After several years of regular eye injections, my Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) has stabilized. Wavy lines no longer obscure my vision, which has returned to 20/20 in both eyes. Another near-miracle: The cost of these procedures is covered by my health insurance. Knowing this about me, you can see why I live with constant feelings ofMORE...

Tipping point(s) ahead?

Lately I have the feeling that the whole society is moving toward one gigantic tipping point and I’m not sure what to think about it. Under the surface of my rational thought is the sense that one small thing will occur—some decision, a little boy noting the emperor’s lack of wearing apparel, a weather event in a faraway place, an unnoticed medical discovery or a news article—and a whole seriesMORE...


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BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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