November 2022


Signs and wonders

The Advent lectionary sometimes includes Jesus’ comment about signs and wonders that will announce his Second Coming. (See Matthew 24 as an example.) Those omens will include natural disasters as well as human-caused catastrophes. These dark, foreboding omens signal world-ending events God’s people might expect. Today I offer a slightly contrarian view: That some of our contemporary signs andMORE...

Address book prayers

I’ve always liked the idea of praying without ceasing. But this ideal can be different from the reality. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to maintain focus or direction. Thoughts don’t always come easily. That’s when I try to pray without getting stuck—to pray without seizing. An experience with one of my address books has helped me find a new way to explore this prayer practice. Recently IMORE...

What to do about who you were

  While helping my ESL student compose his resume, I realized that my own is over 30 years old. That’s not a problem for future employment—I’m probably past that point in life. But that lack of current information might ripple into another area of my older adult life: Forgetting about many of the life experiences that have formed me. That train of thought got me wondering: Is it possibleMORE...

A generative generation

I’m often struck by the many elders who are curious, engaged and creative. They also inspire and motivate others around them to be generative—to discover and live out a viral vitality that keeps others’ pots boiling and energies percolating. There’s effervescence in their personalities—how they hold themselves, how they move, how they converse. Generativity—the ability to start somethingMORE...

The elephants in the room

Some things are better left unsaid. This is not one of them. In this entry I want to share my observations about older folks being dinosaurs. What got me started on this semi-rant was a recent experience: Hearing a competent, active and admired older leader wonder whether he had become a dinosaur in his chosen profession. I started asking myself the same question. My YES/NO answer: I may be likeMORE...

Who are these voters?

After two weeks of serving as an early voting election judge, I’ve come to realize what it means that each citizen is entitled to vote. Part of what I’ve imagined as true: Voters have a backstory that motivates them to cast their ballots. When taken together, those stories can have profound meanings. During these days, I’ve interacted briefly with voters as they entered the polling place. VotersMORE...

Memo for these times

FROM: An older, unarmed man TO:       Angry guys with guns   Hello! Let me introduce myself: I’m an older guy, living in the upper Midwest. Retired and trying to make sense out of life. Maybe just like you, except that I don’t have any guns. Can we talk, man-to-man? I have tried to understand why you rely on your weapons so much and why you’re loud-angry. Most of what I hear from you justMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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