February 2022


Putting away the Alleluias

Our congregation has a Transfiguration Sunday tradition that was especially meaningful this year. It involves a large trunk placed in front of the altar for all to see. During the time for the children’s message, the kids are each given an Alleluia Page, and tasked with the job of writing or drawing their ideas about this word. They are told that during Lent we’ll not be hearing any alleluias inMORE...

A personal note

As I write these few words, bullets and bombs are raining down on the people of Ukraine. An aggressor threatens Eastern Europe, and the specter of another world war haunts us. My older adult mind races: “What can I do about this horror?” One practical answer stands out strongly: It feels like you and I—and others who have come through other dangers and wars—are specially called to exemplify calmMORE...

Playing through the pain

Most athletes know how this works: When you play a sport, you get hurt. Over time you learn how to keep playing in spite of the pain. It’s not pleasant—who wants to carry around pain–but it’s still part of the whole experience of being a sportsperson, especially so for professional players. I have observed this phenomenon among the participants in our older adult group exercise classes. WeMORE...

One way out of all this?

“The times we’re in….”  Perhaps accompanied by a sad or anxious sigh, these words set in motion a parade of other thoughts. How easily any of us can be frozen by our contemplation of the dangers, sorrows or evils of our day. Inaction solves nothing, but it may feel like the only approach open to us. But perhaps there’s another way out of all of this. Previously I wrote about kenosis, how JesusMORE...

How (little) we know

I’ll admit it: I’m not sure about more and more things. This is new territory for me, and not because I’ve crossed the border into senility. What’s happening almost everywhere? There actually may be less to be certain about. Here’s an example: A *recent newspaper article highlighted the decreasing reliability of tiny computer chips that are essential to our lifestyles. IncreasinglyMORE...

Kenosis all around?

During Lent, one of the things we acknowledge and celebrate is Jesus’ willingness to *empty himself completely in order to take on human form. In the Greek, this is called kenosis, literally a “pouring out”. I may be stretching the point, but there seems to be a lot of this kind of behavior almost everywhere I look. People who are giving up almost everything in order to care for others, to liveMORE...

Bible study exultation

One of our congregation’s weekly Bible classes is the highlight of my week. Its’s an anchor for my spiritual well-being as well as a chance to dig deeper into the rich soil of Christianity. Something fairly new in my retired years, this gathering of men and women of Faith is both a source and an outlet for what lies inside of me. I didn’t always think like this. From admittedly inaccurateMORE...


It occurred to me recently that I haven’t been smiling as much as I used to. (Part of my older gentleman’s wrinkles have for *years included the tell-tale creases of repeated beaming.) Noting this possible rumple in my attitude/behavior character traits, I add these few thoughts…. These recent years have seemed full of nonstop, smile-diminishing anxiety. But despite war rumbles, continuingMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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