October 2022


Reformers and prophets live on

A Reformation Day thought: We might carry the same passions as prophets or reformers in the past. Those Christ-following people noticed something that needed correcting. Perhaps it seemed small, but it was connected to larger matters. By calling attention to and resolving a perhaps-minor problem, these believers hoped eventually to affect wider change. They started simply, marshalling theirMORE...

Who are these people?

This blog is part of a set of occasional entries that come from Chris’s and my service as election judges. Political thoughts, but NOT partisan…. You might have wondered about the people who are serving as election judges in the upcoming general election. These few observations…. Where we live, our County Clerk leads a governmental agency that’s exemplary in running efficient and honest electionsMORE...

*I really (don’t) know

  After all these years, you’d think I know a lot. All my life experiences, all the training, all the reading and writing, all the interactions with people in the know—you’d think that would give me a leg up on this “knowing” thing. I’ve wished for some assurance about what’s true right now, but too many of the polls, algorithms, pundits and editorials aren’t reliable. There’s too much toMORE...

Investment results

  Whether or not we enjoy retirement savings, a home or other forms of material wealth, we are investors. We participate in large-scale ventures that promise change or eventual reward: Our nation has invested in the existence of Ukraine. Our taxes are an investment that comes back as necessary governmental services for all of us. We contribute to charities and organizations trying to improveMORE...

Civic duty calls (again)

This blog is part of a set of occasional entries that come from Chris and my service as election judges. Political thoughts, but NOT partisan…. In past election cycles, Chris and I have had the pleasure of participating in the political process as volunteers for candidates. We’ve written postcards, knocked on doors, made phone calls and walked in parades for our candidate. The work wasMORE...

For church secretaries (only)

In every congregation I’ve been part of, a church secretary like you has been at the center of the congregation’s health and vitality. I’ve known some of you as colleagues, others as friends and one as beloved in-law! From those relationships and those experiences, these words of appreciation. Some of you have job titles that more closely characterize your ministries—e.g., parish administratorMORE...

For pastors (only)

I’ve known lots of pastors like you over my life. Your work has always been difficult, but recently it may have become tougher to fulfill your sense of purpose. Maybe you and I can step back here, and remember together what God offers to the world because of your vocation. That calling may be hard to describe, but it’s work that’s vital to fulfilling God’s will right now. You bring God’s wisdomMORE...

Ians by a different name

Hurricane Ian seems oddly christened. In its original Gaellic, Ian means “God is good.” As a suffix, ”ian” indicates that its root has the same qualities. (Thus we know that a guardian shares the characteristics of a guard, or a librarian can be identified by whatever a library might be.) Right now it may be hard to see Ian, the catastrophic hurricane, as something good. There doesn’t seem to beMORE...

Vulnerable gratitude

  I didn’t used to think I was vulnerable. I tried to fortify my capabilities so that I could defend myself—and those I love—from dangers that might come along. I was young then, and those were different times.  I don’t think that way any more. In these later decades, I have come to see that, along with everyone else, I have always been exposed to perils. Lately it has occurred to me that myMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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