Lately I’ve noticed the recurring appearance of  “1 languishing”, a term used to describe how the COVID pandemic may have affected the nation. The non-languishing part of me wants to 2 push back. I’m still vibrant, alert, eager about life, grateful and generous. I still have miles to go, with plenty of oomph to explore fascinating horizons. I don’t want to be set aside quite yet. As I edgeMORE...

You can’t. You shouldn’t.

  More and more, I’m coming face to face with the uncomfortable possibility that I am no longer capable of engaging in certain behaviors. You may face the same question: How do I know when “I can’t” changes into “I shouldn’t?” You may feel like I do: Obviously diminished physical skills tell me that these bones, muscles, tendons and nerves don’t have the stamina, strength or flexibility theyMORE...

What’s still working?

This blog is part of an ongoing series that answers an intriguing question: What might it mean for older adults to claim that they are still “fearfully and wonderfully made?” It’s fairly easy to look at your body—and brain—and see what’s NOT working so well. (If you need help there, just turn on the TV and watch commercials that can inform you about infirmities that you didn’t know existed.) WithMORE...

Invalid invalid

The title for this entry isn’t a typo. Actually, you’re reading two different words that have a strong connection for those of us who are older. If you’re an invalid, you’re likely confined to quarters, in your own home or in a care-giving arrangement. You’re limited in the range of your movements. “Invalid” can also carry negative freight: Not only is an invalid afflicted with chronic illness orMORE...

Elderly fecundity

The title of this entry may startle you a bit, especially if you speak Latin fluently. “Fecundity” is about being fruitful and multiplying—a Scriptural way of describing abundant fertility among plants, animals and people. Acts of continuing, growing creation. Hardly the kind of thing that applies to being old, right? Nevertheless, there may be something here that could be helpful and hopefulMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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