I hear you

Because of hearing aids, my auditory capabilities extend far beyond my ears. These tiny devices, matched to the color of my remaining hair, enable me to hear far better than I thought possible. Years ago, I wasn’t ready to admit that my frequent “Huhs?” were a problem. I was never going to wear an ungainly technology that would reveal that I wasn’t tracking much of what was happening around me. IMORE...

Encouraging the encouragers

Today, I offer a thought that could easily get lost in the dust storm of anger and anxiety that comes at us every day: Our society’s encouragers could use some encouragement themselves, and you and I could be just the ones to do that! I regularly write letters to a variety of political and societal leaders, usually critical in a nice way. It occurs to me, though, that positive letters—we’ll callMORE...

Bob Sitze

BOB SITZE has filled the many years of his lifework in diverse settings around the United States. His calling has included careers as a teacher/principal, church musician, writer/author, denominational executive staff member and meat worker. Bob lives in Wheaton, IL.

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